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Active Ingredient(s) Desogestrel (75mcg)
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What is Cerazette?

Cerazette is a type of contraceptive pill known as a ‘mini-pill’ because it contains only progestogen. It’s equally as effective as the combined pill, but the absence of oestrogen means more people can take the Cerazette pill.

Progestogen-only pills are suitable for women who can’t use oestrogen pills, such as those over 35, women who smoke or are breastfeeding.

If you have experienced unpleasant side effects when using the combined pill, or you’re unable to use oestrogen, Cerazette could be the right contraceptive for you. You may be able to buy the Cerazette pill online from HealthExpress.eu if you complete a consultation and one of our registered doctors agrees that it’s safe for you to do so.

What are the benefits of using Cerazette?

Cerazette results in fewer side effects associated with oestrogen; a study in Germany showed that 90% of women who suffered from side effects such as breast tenderness, water retention and headaches, saw their symptoms improve or resolve within three months of switching to Cerazette from the combined pill.

The Cerazette pill is the only kind of mini-pill that can be taken up to 12 hours late. Other mini-pills must be taken within a few hours, which means it’s the most flexible progestogen-only pill and well suited to women who forget or are unable to take a pill at the same time every day.

This mini pill also pauses ovulation, which makes it just as effective as combined pills but with fewer side effects.

How does Cerazette work?

Each pill contains a synthetic progestogen called desogestrel. This stops conception in three ways: it thickens the cervical mucous so it’s harder for sperm to reach the womb, it prevents the womb lining from thickening so an egg can’t develop, and it stops the ovaries from releasing a mature egg so there’s nothing to fertilise.

Who can take it?

The absence of oestrogen in Cerazette means that the number of women who can use this mini-pill is much greater than with any combined pill. If you’re breastfeeding, a smoker and/or over 35, for example, you can take the Cerazette pill safely. However, if you have undiagnosed, abnormal vaginal bleeding; breast cancer; or a hereditary blood disorder, you may not be able to buy Cerazette.

Certain medications, such as aprepitant, bosentan and nevirapine, may stop the Cerazette pill from working. Using Cerazette can also raise the blood levels of lamotrigine, selegiline and tizanidine, increasing the risk of developing side effects.

It’s vital that you discuss your medical history and any medication you’re taking with your doctor, so they can safely assess whether it’s safe for you to buy Cerazette. If they decide it isn’t, the doctor might suggest you try another contraceptive method.

How do you take it?

You need to take a Cerazette pill every day; there’s no seven-day break like when using most combined pills. If you take the first pill on the very first day of your period, it will become effective immediately. You can take your first pill up until the fifth day of your period, but it won’t be effective straight away. If you decide to wait before starting Cerazette, you must use another method of contraception for a week, such as a condom, to ensure you don’t fall pregnant.

Are there any side effects?

The absence of oestrogen means certain side effects are reduced when using Cerazette. However, certain side effects are linked specifically to the Cerazette pill. These include ovarian cysts or tiredness, both of which are quite rare. Rare side effects, which effect fewer than one in 1,000 and one in 10,000 women, include developing a rash or hives, and painful blue-red skin lumps.

More common side effects linked with using the mini-pill include mood changes, decreased sex drive and weight gain.

If you experience severe side effects, or you are concerned by any symptoms you’re experiencing, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Can I buy Cerazette online?

You may be able to buy the Cerazette pill online once you’ve completed our quick consultation. You’ll be notified whether one of our registered doctors will write you a prescription, which usually takes less than an hour. We’ll send your medication via free next-day delivery, so you can begin protecting yourself from pregnancy as soon as tomorrow.

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