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What does Champix do?

Champix (varenicline) has been recognised by numerous clinical trials as being one of the most effective stop smoking treatments available. It usually requires 24 weeks use, but many people have quit smoking by just the second week, which makes it a quick solution for any smokers that need to quit.

What are the advantages of Champix?

Champix is a unique medication that stops cigarettes from being pleasurable, making it easier to resist those cravings to spark up. It also works by stimulating your nicotine receptors, eliminating your withdrawal symptoms so that you can focus on quitting the habit.

Champix has been proven by various clinical studies to be the most effective treatment for people trying to quit. In these studies, a quarter of the people who used Champix managed to quit for at least a year.

How does it function?

The most important ingredient in Champix is varenicline, which helps you stop smoking in two ways:

  • It stimulates your nicotine receptors, which significantly reduces your withdrawal symptoms.
  • It stops the nicotine found in smoke from acting on these receptors so that you, no longer, enjoy smoking tobacco.

Can I buy Champix?

If you are above the age of 18 and you smoke, you can buy Champix online by completing our quick consultation process. However, not everyone will be prescribed the medication. If you have liver problems, epilepsy, psychiatric illnesses or if you are pregnant you, usually, won't be approved for this medication.

What is the course of treatment?

The normal duration for this treatment is 12 weeks, but is sometimes lengthened to 24 weeks. This has been known to boost the success rate to 70%.

The pack will clearly label which pill should be taken on which day. It is still advisable that you closely follow the instructions because the dosage of varenicline varies between pills. Firstly, the dose will be a 0.5 mg tablet per day, which will increase to two per day. When you reach the second week, you should give up smoking and take two 1mg tablets each day until you complete the course of treatment.

Will I experience any side effects?

Any prescription medication can cause side effects and Champix is no different. In some cases, it has been known to cause nausea, headaches, fatigue, vomiting, constipation, insomnia and diarrhoea.

There have, also, been reports of suicidal behaviour in people taking Champix. It's difficult to establish whether this change of behaviour is actually caused by Champix, or whether quitting smoking itself is the main cause. Nevertheless, you should always make someone aware that you are taking this medication and consult with a doctor if you encounter any sudden mood changes.

How can I buy Champix online?

You can buy Champix, if you live in Ireland, here at HealthExpress, after you have competed a short consultation with one of our registered doctors. You can start this consultation online by clicking here or, if you wish to do it over the phone, then contact us here.

As always, your details will be kept strictly confidential and will be assessed by registered doctors only.

After a doctor has evaluated your answers, you should be notified within the hour whether you have been approved for this medication. We send all medication to you via free next day delivery. This means you could begin your stop smoking treatment as early as tomorrow.

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