Condyline genital warts treatment available online without a prescription

Condyline is a podophyllotoxin solution that is used as a treatment for genital warts. Podophyllotoxin is a substance taken from the roots of the podophyllum plant. It was the first topical medication to be approved as a treatment for genital warts, and has a long proven success rate. Condyline is safe and effective as a treatment for adults and the elderly, but it could be harmful for children.

You can buy Condyline today from HealthExpress. You just need to complete a short consultation to find out if this treatment will be a safe and effective treatment for you. If our doctor approves the medication and issues a prescription, your treatment will be dispensed from our registered pharmacy via free overnight delivery.

Is Condyline solution an effective treatment?

Condyline has been clinically proven to clear up an outbreak of genital warts in just four weeks. The 3.5ml dosage, once applied to the genital warts, gets to work immediately to reduce the discomfort brought on by the warts by preventing them from multiplying and growing. If the solution is applied correctly, you should see the first results in as little as three days, and after four weeks your symptoms should have disappeared.

How does Condyline work?

When it is applied to the genital warts, the podophyllotoxin solution pierces the wart tissue and targets the nucleus of the wart cells to stop the process of cell division and the ability of the cells to multiply. As the wart cells die, they will be replaced by healthy tissue and the genital warts will disappear.

Is Condyline a safe treatment?

Condyline is proven to be a very safe treatment for adults and elderly people, but it is not suitable for children. It is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. You should also not use this treatment if you are allergic to any of the ingredients it contains.

How do I apply the Condyline solution?

Condyline should be applied twice a day for three consecutive days. This should be done with either the applicator that is supplied with the treatment or with the tip of a clean finger. A small amount of solution should be applied to the affected area and rubbed in until it is invisible. Wash your hands before and after you do this.

Should I be worried about side effects?

Condyline is a prescription medication, so there is a very small possibility of experiencing side effects. If you do experience an adverse reaction, it will usually be very mild and will not last for long. These effects can include vomiting, dizziness or an inflammation or stinging in the area of the outbreak. More serious side effects such as a severe allergic reaction are very rare. If you do experience swelling of the face, tongue or lips, shortness of breath or hives you should seek immediate medical treatment.

Can I buy Condyline solution online?

You can buy Condyline today from HealthExpress with a free online consultation. This will establish that this treatment is suitable for you based on your medical history. The consultation will be assessed by one of our registered doctors, who will issue a prescription if it is approved. This prescription will be sent to our pharmacy, where it will be dispensed and dispatched for free overnight delivery.

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Please note that the manufacturer of Condyline may differ from that shown on the image above, but the ingredients, benefits and possible side effects of the medication will be the same.

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