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What is ellaOne?

ellaOne is a new emergency contraceptive that can be taken to prevent pregnancy for up to five days after unprotected sex, or if your usual contraceptive method has let you down. This is two more days than the original morning-after pill. ellaOne was also proven to be more effective than conventional ‘morning-after’ pills in two separate clinical trials, with less than 2% of the women studied falling pregnant after taking ellaOne within the prescribed time.

ellaOne is now available from HealthExpress.eu after completing an online consultation. Completing the consultation will help our doctors make sure that you can safely use ellaOne when you need it and is completely free and confidential. If you can safely use ellaOne you will be notified via email and SMS and you will be able to buy it as a precautionary treatment, to keep until you need it.

What are the benefits of using ellaOne?

ellaOne has been proven to be more effective and can be taken much later than the widely used morning-after pill, Levonelle. It works by delaying ovulation, which allows it to be effective for longer.

How does ellaOne work?

The active ingredient in ellaOne, is ulipristal acetate, which is basically a synthetic version of the female sex hormone progestogen. The progestogen in ellaOne prevents the release of an egg from the ovaries by making the body think that ovulation has already occurred, and in this way stops you from falling pregnant. If an egg has already been released, ellaOne helps by making the cervical mucous thicker, preventing sperm from entering the womb. It also changes the womb lining so an egg can’t attach there and grow.

Who can take ellaOne?

Most women over the age of 18 can use ellaOne to stop them from falling pregnant, if they’ve had unprotected sex or experienced contraceptive failure. You shouldn’t, however, take ellaOne if you are already pregnant or if you have severe liver disease. You should also wait 36 hours before breastfeeding after you have taken ellaOne. Make sure you mention all medical conditions you have and medications you are taking during your online consultation, to make sure our doctor can make the best recommendation for you.

How do I take ellaOne?

When required, only take one ellaOne tablet, with or without food. ellaOne shouldn’t be taken later than five days after you’ve had unprotected sex or if your regular contraception has let you down. If you vomit within three hours after taking ellaOne, speak to your doctor or clinic about another dose, as ellaOne may not have had time to have the desired effect. After taking ellaOne, you should use a condom as well as continue taking your usual oral contraceptive, if applicable, until your next period.

What are the side effects?

EllaOne doesn’t tend to cause side effects, as it’s only in your system for a short period of time. If effects do occur, they are mostly mild and go away pretty quickly. The most common side effects are nausea, headaches, abdominal discomfort, painful menstruation, tiredness, mood swings, breast tenderness or back pain.

How do I buy ellaOne?

You can buy ellaOne after completing an online consultation with us. It only takes a couple of minutes and is completely free of charge. It will only be checked by our registered doctor to make sure that you can safely order ellaOne if you choose to do so. If your consultation is approved, you will be notified and you’ll be able to place an order for ellaOne as a precautionary treatment. Once you’ve placed your order, your prescription will be sent to our registered pharmacy where it will be dispensed, free of charge for next-day delivery.

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