Femodette 3 or 6 months pill supply available online

Active Ingredient(s) Ethinylestradiol (20mcg) and Gestodene (75mcg)
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What is Femodette?

Femodette is a combined oral contraceptive that administers artificial oestrogen and progestogen to the body to prevent pregnancy. It alters the environment of the reproductive system in such a way that it’s almost impossible to conceive, making the Femodette pill over 99% effective in protecting against pregnancy.

As well as regulating periods, making periods lighter and shorter and reducing mood swings, Femodette can also improve skin condition, help with excess body hair and treat polycystic ovary syndrome.

You may be able to buy the Femodette pill of you complete a consultation, which one of our registered doctors will review in order to ensure it’s safe for you to use this contraceptive. If it’s safe for you to use, they will write you a prescription and we’ll send your pack of Femodette with free next-day delivery.

What are the benefits of using Femodette?

Femodette won’t cause breakthrough bleeding, and it’s proven to improve acne as well as treat hirsutism and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Other benefits of the Femodette pill are experienced by women who use the combined pill and include regular, lighter and less painful periods, reduced premenstrual symptoms and over 99% protection against pregnancy.

How does it work?

The Femodette pill is monophasic, which means it delivers a steady dose of hormones to the body. Femodette contains a synthetic oestrogen called ethinylestradiol and a synthetic progestogen called norethisterone. These hormones work together to prevent pregnancy in three different ways.

The oestrogen prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg into the womb by tricking the body into thinking ovulation has already occurred. The progestogen thickens the mucous in the cervix and prevents the womb lining from thickening.

These three actions mean that it’s harder for sperm to pass through the thickened cervical mucous to reach the womb, but even if it could, it’s almost impossible that there would be a mature egg waiting to be fertilised. In the extremely rare case that fertilisation could happen, it’s almost impossible for the egg to develop because it can’t plant itself in the womb lining to grow, which prevents conception.

Who can take it?

If you’re aged between 18 and 35 and don’t smoke, you may be able to buy the Femodette pill online. There are some conditions that could prevent you from using Femodette, such as a history or experience of obesity, diabetes, migraines or depression.

Some medications may stop the Femodette pill from working properly, or they can be affected by this contraceptive and become higher in concentration or less effective. This is why you must reveal if you’re taking any medication during your consultation, in order for the doctor to check if this contraceptive is safe to use alongside other medication.

How do you take Femodette?

You must take Femodette exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Usually you’ll take one Femodette pill at the same time every day, for a period of 21 days. After this you’ll have a seven-day break from taking this contraceptive during which you’ll still be protected but you will probably experience a withdrawal bleed.

Are there any side effects?

All prescription medications may cause side effects. The side effects associated with the Femodette pill include weight changes, which are common, as well as the uncommon side effects of yellow-brown patches on skin and reduced libido.

Other side effects associated with the combined pill include headaches, nausea, water retention and breast tenderness or enlargement.

How do you buy Femodette online?

If you think the Femodette pill is the right contraceptive for you, you could buy it online from HealthExpress.eu and receive it the very next day thanks to our free next-day delivery. You’ll need to complete a consultation which a registered doctor will review to make sure this is a safe contraceptive for you to use. If they think another pill would suit you better, they may recommend an alternative. However, if they think Femodette is safe for you to take, they’ll write you a prescription and send it to our registered pharmacy where your pills will be dispensed.

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