Levitra Orodispersible

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What is Levitra Orodispersible?

Levitra Orodispersible is the latest impotence treatment available in the UK, and was only released in March 2011. It’s a new dissolvable version of the popular impotence treatment and gets into your system with minutes, making it extremely fast-acting.

What are the benefits of the new Levitra tablets?

The new dissolvable Levitra tablets come in discreet pocket-sized packaging, which means they can be carried around with you. You don’t need to take Levitra Orodispersible with water; you just need to pop one of the new Levitra tablets on your tongue and it’ll start working.

One of the reasons Levitra Orodispersible was created was because men often complained that they didn’t like having to stop foreplay to go and get a glass of water and take a tablet. With these new Levitra tablets, men don’t need to do that; they can simply pop a tablet on their tongue and it will dissolve in seconds, leaving behind a nice minty aftertaste.

How does it work?

Once one of the new Levitra tablets dissolves on your tongue, it’s almost immediately absorbed by the millions of tiny blood vessels that line the inside of your mouth. Once in the bloodstream, Levitra Orodispersible works in the same way as the older version of the impotence treatment.

The active ingredient in Levitra Orodispersible is vardenafil, which is a PDE-5 inhibitor. PDE-5 is a naturally occurring enzyme that plays a very big role in the process of losing an erection. When you’re sexually stimulated, a chemical tells your body to relax the blood vessels in your penis and allow more blood to flood in. This makes the penis engorge and become erect. PDE-5 then breaks down the chemical that keeps the blood vessels relaxed. This makes the vessels contract, forcing blood out of the penis and you lose your erection.

Levitra Orodispersible stops the PDE-5 enzyme from working so effectively, which means you can get a firmer erection that lasts much longer.

Who can take dissolvable Levitra?

Many men can buy this impotence treatment, providing they are healthy and aged over 18. You could buy Levitra Orodispersible if you’re over 50 and if you suffer from underlying conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you take nitrogylcerine, nitrates or certain antiarrhythmics you might not be able to buy these new Levitra tablets. Certain medical conditions, for example eye conditions, heart disease, liver disease or kidney disease, might stop you from being able to buy Levitra Orodispersible online.

It’s important you divulge information about your medical history when completing your consultation, to ensure our doctors can make a fair assessment about whether it’s safe and appropriate for you to use this dissolvable medication.

How do you take Levitra Orodispersible?

With clean and dry hands, you should place one of the new Levitra tablets on your tongue and wait a couple of seconds for it to dissolve before swallowing. Don’t take any liquid with it, or it won’t be as effective.

You must take the tablet at least 20 minutes before sex, when it will last in your system for up to five hours. Do not take more than one Levitra Orodispersible tablet, or any other impotence treatment, in a 24-hour period.

Are there any side effects of dissolvable Levitra?

Any prescription medication can cause side effects, though the risk of developing these is reduced with Levitra Orodispersible because the dosage is lower.

The more commonly reported side effects include headaches, flushing, stuffy or runny nose, indigestion, an upset stomach and dizziness.

How can I buy dissolvable Levitra online?

If you want to buy Levitra Orodispersible, you must first complete a consultation. This will be reviewed by one of our registered doctors, who will decide if it’s safe and appropriate for you to use this impotence treatment. You can complete the consultation online by clicking here, or over the phone with our Patient Support Team.

You’ll be notified by email or SMS message as soon as your consultation has been reviewed, usually within the hour. If the doctor has written you a prescription, you’ll be able to buy Levitra Orodispersible online or over the phone.

If you have any questions during any stage of treatment, please contact our Patient Support Team, who offer additional support in Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, German and Portuguese.

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