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What is Levonelle?

Levonelle One Step or the ‘morning-after pill’ is a very effective method of emergency contraception and is used by millions of women. It can be up to 95% successful if taken within 24 hours after your usual contraception has let you down, or simply if you’ve had unprotected sex because you got caught up in the moment. Although it more effective the sooner you take it, it can still be quite effective for up to three days afterward the risky event. Levonelle mainly work by preventing an egg from being released during the early stages of ovulation.

You can order Levonelle from HealthExpress.eu after completing an online consultation. You should however only order it as a precautionary measure to use in case you need it.

What are the benefits?

Levonelle One Step is 95% effective at stopping pregnancy, provided it’s taken within the first 24 hours after you’ve had unprotected intercourse. Between 25 and 48 hours this drops to 85%, and on the third day it’s 58% effective. You only need to take one tablet to experience the contraceptive benefits and because it’s not active in your system for too long, it’s less likely to cause side effects like nausea.

How does it work?

Your body produces the female sex hormone progestogen right after your body has released an egg, which signals the ovaries that they shouldn’t release any more eggs. Levonelle contains a high dose of the synthetic progestogen levonorgestrel and when you take it, it makes your body think that ovulation has already happened, which means that an egg doesn’t get released. It also changes the cervical mucous, so it’s too thick for sperm to get through. If an egg’s already been released, the active ingredient doesn’t allow it to attach itself to the womb lining.

Who can buy Levonelle One Step?

You can buy Levonelle online if you are over 18 and want to use it as a precautionary measure to use if your regular contraceptive method has let you down or if you didn’t use any contraception. You should not use it though, if you are already pregnant, have liver disease, or any disorder that causes the malabsorption of food or if you are allergic to the main ingredient, levonorgestrel.

Some medicines may affect how well it works or could increase your chances of experiencing side effects. These medicines include HIV, TB or epilepsy medications, as well as fungicidal medications and herbal medications such as St John’s Wort.

How do you take Levonelle One Step?

You should take only on Levonelle One Step tablet as soon as possible after unprotected sex. It can be taken at any point of your menstrual cycle, but it’s important that you only take it once during your cycle. After taking it you should continue taking your regular oral contraceptive as usual, but use a barrier contraceptive until you have your next period, just to be safe. If you are sick during the first three hours of taking Levonelle, contact your doctor or clinic to arrange for another dose.

Will I experience any side effects?

Although Levonelle is in your system for a short period of time and therefore isn’t likely to cause side effects, some women may be more sensitive to the active ingredient than others. The most common side effects are mostly mild and include breast tenderness, stomach pains, diarrhoea, dizziness and fatigue. After taking Levonelle One Step you may find that your period arrives a little later or earlier than usual and you may also experience spotting before your next period.

Can I buy Levonelle One Step online?

You can order Levonelle One Step, the prescription version of Levonelle 1500 online from HealthExpress.eu after completing an online consultation. The consultation is important so that our doctor can make sure that you are safe to take Levonelle, and will only ask you relevant questions about your health and medical history. This consultation is completely confidential, free and carries no obligation to buy anything. After our doctor has reviewed your consultation, they will provide you with recommendations on the right treatments for you. After that, if you choose to place your order with us, our pharmacy will fill the prescription and dispatch it, free of charge, for next-day delivery.

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