Microgynon birth control pill available online

Active Ingredient(s) Ethinylestradiol (30mcg) and Levonorgestrel (150mcg)
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What is Microgynon?

Microgynon is a combined oral contraceptive that uses synthetic oestrogen and progestogen to override the body’s natural hormone levels and alter the environment of the reproductive system so it’s almost impossible for you to conceive.

Women are often prescribed the Microgynon pill if they want to treat endometriosis, reduce premenstrual tension or make periods less heavy or painful.

You could buy Microgynon from HealthExpress.eu if one of our registered doctors thinks it’s a safe contraceptive for you to use. We ask all patients to complete a consultation online, which will allow a doctor to consider your medical history and prescribe you a suitable contraceptive. We send all our medication free via next-day delivery.

What are the benefits of Microgynon?

Microgynon is proven to improve skin, as well as to treat hirsutism and endometriosis. It’s also good at making periods less painful or heavy and more regular.

This contraceptive is over 99% effective in protecting against pregnancy. If you take a Microgynon pill on the first day of your period, you’ll be protected immediately.

How does it work?

Microgynon delivers an artificial oestrogen called ethinylestradiol and an artificial progestogen called levonorgestrel to the body to alter your hormone balance. This causes the mucous of your cervix to thicken, and prevents your womb lining from thickening and your ovaries from releasing an egg.

These three actions make it almost impossible for you to conceive: if sperm manage to travel through the thickened mucous, there won’t be an egg to fertilise. If there is an egg and the sperm manage to fertilise it, it won’t be able to implant in the womb lining and develop, so conception is prevented.

Who can take it?

If you’re a non-smoker aged between 18 and 35 you may be able to use the Microgynon pill. If you have unexplained vaginal bleeding; a history of circulation problems, have had a heart attack or stroke; or if you’re obese, have varicose veins or decreased liver function, you may not be able to use Microgynon.

Certain medications may be less effective, or the active ingredient could become stronger, if you take Microgynon. This contraceptive could also become ineffective if used with certain medication. It’s important that you provide information about your medical history and any medication you’re using during your consultation.

How do you take it?

If you take your first Microgynon pill on the first day of your period, it’ll be effective immediately. You can start using the pill up until the fifth day of your period, though you’ll need to use another contraceptive for a week because it can take up to seven days to be effective.

You’ll be instructed to take one Microgynon pill every day for three weeks, after which you’ll have a seven-day break. During this time you’ll probably experience a withdrawal bleed but you will still be protected from pregnancy.

Are there any side effects?

If you develop side effects using Microgynon, they will usually be mild and disappear once your body is used to the hormones. It’s uncommon, but the Microgynon pill can reduce libido. Other side effects include nausea, breast tenderness, vomiting, weight changes and water retention.

How can I buy Microgynon online?

If you think the Microgynon pill will be the best contraceptive for you, you may be able to buy it online from HealthExpress.eu. You’ll need to complete our quick and easy consultation process, so a doctor can review whether it’s safe for you to use Microgynon. This will usually be done within the hour, after which you’ll be notified via text message or email.

If a doctor decides to write you a prescription, you can place an order with us and we’ll send it to our registered pharmacy, where your Microgynon pills will be dispensed. We’ll then send your contraceptive to your door via free next-day delivery.

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