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Trichomonas Vaginalis

Information about causes and symptoms of trichomonas vaginalis

Trichomonas vaginalis is an infection caused by a parasite which is spread through unprotected sex. It is more common in women, affecting the urethra and vagina, though it does affect the prostate gland and urethra in men.

Every year about 174 million people across the globe are infected with trichomonas vaginalis, which can be cured with a simple course of prescribed antibiotics. This makes it the most curable sexually transmitted infection in the world.

If you don’t treat trichomonas vaginalis, it can cause prostatitis in men and premature labour in women.

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What are the symptoms of trichomonas vaginalis?

Over half of people who contract trichomonas vaginalis don’t display any symptoms. This is cause for concern because you can pass this infection on to a partner even if you aren’t showing symptoms, and it can remain undetected in your body for a while.

If symptoms are experienced, more often it will be women that suffer with the discomfort. The most common symptoms include itching, soreness and inflammation of the vagina; pain during sexual intercourse or when urinating; pain in the groin area; and a greenish-yellow discharge which may appear frothy and have a distinct odour.

If men experience side effects, they will usually notice discharge from the urethra as well as more frequent and painful urinations.

What is the cause of trichomonas vaginalis?

It’s the trichomonas protozoan that causes this infection. It lives inside the infected urethra or vagina and passes easily between people. The parasite is as small as a white blood cell and can move around the tissue in the urethra and vagina. By directly damaging the tissue, the trichomonas parasite can cause ulceration.

The most common way of contracting trichomonas vaginalis is through unprotected sex. In extremely rare and unusual cases, it has been known that this infection can be spread by sharing a Jacuzzi, a hot bath or moist towels.

What are the risks of trichomonas vaginalis?

This infection doesn’t travel as far up the urethra or spread to the body like other STIs, which makes it one of the less dangerous infections you can contract.

However, there are risks that come with catching trichomonas vaginalis. Regardless of gender, this infection increases the chance of contracting more serious sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

In men, trichomonas can cause prostatitis. If left untreated in women, it can raise the risk of premature labour and increase the chance of babies being born with much lower birth weights.

Many people who are infected with trichomonas are often found to have contracted gonorrhoea too.

How can trichomonas vaginalis be treated?

This infection is easy to cure with a simple course of antibiotics. Metronidazole is the most effective antibiotic used to treat a trichomonas infection. It can be taken as either a single or seven-day dose.

It’s vitally important that you complete a course of antibiotics. If you feel better and don’t finish your medication, the infection could still be present and will attack your body again.

Hilary Jones

"Trichomonas vaginalis is a parasitic STI that is more common in women than men. It can eventually lead to complications, but is easy to treat."

Dr Hilary Jones

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Finding treatment

Metronidazole is the most effective antibiotic used to treat a trichomonas infection. This antibiotic can easily be taken as either a 1 day dose or as a 7 day course to treat the infection. You should always take the full course of antibiotics, even if your symptoms disappear before you finish the course.

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