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Active Ingredient(s) Ethinylestradiol (0.03mg) and Drospirenone (3mg)
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Yasmin is one of the most popular contraceptive pills available in Ireland. It is widely known to keep weight gain to a minimum whilst offering over 99% protection from pregnancy.

The Yasmin pill is available here at HealthExpress.eu by completing a quick consultation form. The questions are very brief and, once answered, will be checked by one of our registered doctors, who will see if Yasmin is suitable for your needs.

What are the advantages of choosing Yasmin?

Unlike most contraceptive pills, Yasmin will not encourage weight gain, which makes it a unique form of birth control. The group of hormones present in this pill, progestogen have a similar effect to diuretics, which means it can also reduce water retention.

It is also well known for its hair improvement properties and can be used to treat skin conditions like acne.

What ways does it work?

Yasmin supplies a dose of a synthetic oestrogen called ethinulestradiol and a synthetic progestogen called drospirenone. Both have different functions:

  • Oestrogen prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg by making the body think that ovulation has already occurred. This means that there is no egg that can be fertilised by a passing sperm.
  • Progestogen stops the womb lining from thickening so that, in the rare case that fertilisation occurs, an egg can't plant itself in the womb lining to get the essential nutrients it needs to grow. It also thickens the mucous of the cervix, making it more difficult for a sperm to pass through to reach the womb.

Can anyone take it?

You shouldn't use Yasmin if you are suffering from health conditions, such as angina, heart valve disease, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol levels and hypertension.

You should also make sure that you don't combine your dosage of Yasmin with other medications like phenytoin, carbamazepine and aprepitant. These will often prevent Yasmin from working properly. Also, it is advisable that you don't use tizanidine or selegine with this contraception because it has been known to increase blood levels, which will make you more at risk of developing side effects.

How do you take Yasmin?

To ensure that you are immediately protected against pregnancy, start using Yasmin on the first day of your period. It is possible to wait until the fifth day of your period to take your first Yasmin pill, but make sure that you use a barrier contraceptive in the meantime, because it often takes six or seven days to begin working.

In the chance that you forget to take a pill, take one as soon as you remember and simply continue the pack as usual. In this instance, pregnancy will be prevented, but if you miss three or more pills, you won't be protected and will have to use a condom for the next seven days. After this, just take the last pill you forgot and continue the pack as usual.

Is Yasmin available online?

In order to buy Yasmin online, you will need to complete a consultation form consisting of a brief set of medical questions. It will only take a few minutes and once approved, our registered doctors will send a prescription to our pharmacy, which will dispatch your pills via next day delivery.

All the medication we sell is genuine and branded. This can always be verified by looking for holograms or a pharmacy label on your Yasmin packet, or by checking the batch number with the manufacturer.

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